Why you should learn a foreign language in college


Everyone can benefit from learning a foreign language. Aside from the benefits like being able to travel more or being able to add to your resume, learning a foreign language in college has its own benefits. Usually the class sizes are small so you can make new friends and you have a chance to learn about a new culture. There’s something special about learning something new with a bunch of other people, it brings you together and you have a lot of fun.

The benefits of learning a language in college described in the video include:

  1. Small class sizes
  2. One-on-one experience with your instructor
  3. Interactive community
  4. Help you meet new people and make friends
  5. Makes you stand out when applying for jobs
  6. Can open up other job opportunities
  7. Learn about other cultures

You can watch the above video to hear real college students speak to these points. I helped to make the video while I worked as a student assistant at the Language Institute at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I hope it convinces you to learnĀ a language in college!

Hi, I'm Nora Gehin! I'm a student at UW-Madison currently studying Journalism & Mass Communication. I also write for a top tech company. I enjoy enlightening the world with my writing.