UW-Madison students react to Presidential Election

Bascom Hill post election
"This campus belongs to EVERYONE" written on Bascom HIll after the presidential election. Photo Courtesy of University of Wisconsin-Madison Facebook Page.

Anyone who goes to UW-Madison knows that sidewalk chalk is a great way to spread a message. Students use it to announce campus events, write political messages and promote different ideas.

Well, as you can imagine students had strong feelings after the Presidential Election last Tuesday, so they took their feelings to the streets with sidewalk chalk. Students wrote messages on Bascom Hill, which is one of the most popular spots on campus. Thousands of students walk up and down this hill everyday since it is a great route to many different buildings on campus.

Students wanted to spread messages of hope, unity and love after such a crazy and hateful election. Students wrote messages like: “Unity builds strength.”, “Love is bigger than hate.” and “We will fight for your rights.”. It felt good walking up that hill reading those messages. I had been feeling so sad and devastated after the election, and walking up Bascom reading these messages made me feel a lot better. It made me hopeful for the future and it made me really proud to be a Badger.

Check out the slideshow below to see more pictures of the sidewalk chalk.

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