5 ridiculous claims Tomi Lahren made on The Daily Show


Recently, Tomi Lahren appeared on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah and it was quite the debate. If you don’t know, Tomi Lahren the host of a show called “Tomi” on TheBlaze TV, which is a streaming TV network (available online, mobile or on other streaming devices). She is known for “taking on the left” and providing a (pretty extreme, in my opinion) conservative viewpoint on current events and political issues.

If you want to watch the full interview it’s here, but we recommend at least watching the first minute or so and you will get a good idea of who Tomi Lahren is.

At the beginning of the interview Tomi said she was entering the Lion’s Den and she was kind of right in a way, because it was very difficult for her to defend her extreme views. Here are five of the most ridiculous claims that Tomi made on the show, even though we have to admit it was difficult to pick just five.

1. I’m not angry

Please, someone just has to watch one of her videos to see that she speaks in an angry way and is constantly attacking the other side. Even when Trevor asks her “Why are you always angry?” she responds saying she’s not, in an angry way.

2. Black Lives Matter (BLM) is the new KKK

First of all, like Trevor said, the KKK is still around so there can’t be a new one. Secondly, I can’t even believe that I have to explain why this isn’t true! Tomi literally asks Trevor “What did the KKK do?” The KKK stood for something hateful and did awful things. They were against black people and civil rights and lynched people and did countless other horrible things. BLM doesn’t stand for hate and violence, they stand for equal rights for everyone, and fair treatment of black people from the police. There may be a few people that are a part of the movement that say or do bad things (and extremely mildly bad things compared to the KKK) but the whole BLM movement doesn’t stand for racism and hate.

3. Protesters are cry babies with nothing better to do than meander around the streets

Okay first of all, this is just name calling and not really a real argument against protesters. Protestors aren’t just crying, they’re standing up for what they believe in which many would see as strength. Additionally, people who support dictatorship usually want to discourage protesters and this is exactly what Tomi is doing. Does she not think that people should share their opinions? Because she is all in support of her sharing her own opinion. And to her last point, that protestors don’t have anything better to do, I know many protesters and some of them have two jobs. Trust me, there are other things they would rather be doing than protesting, but they think standing up for what they believe is pretty important.

4. Donald Trump is reasonable and level-headed

Please! Even Republicans who now support Trump wouldn’t be the first ones to call him level-headed and reasonable. He explodes on Twitter every time something happens to him. Reporters now have to report on when the president elect had a “tweet storm”, I don’t think that’s something that any level-headed, reasonable person does. That’s not what a president elect (or anyone for that matter) should be doing. And that’s just one of the things that Trump has done that have shown him to be unstable. Many people have called Donald Trump unstable and Trump’s actions have proven their words right.

5. Why would you (referring to Colin Kaepernick) take out your perceived oppression of black people on the National Anthem and our flag?

Seriously? If you know history you will see that the United States has not always treated people of color fairly. And that’s an understatement. Plus, Kaepernick simply kneeled during the National Anthem, it’s not like he was burning the flag screaming F America in a video on Twitter. And even if he did do that, it’s still in his first amendment rights. I think that Kaepernick did the most peaceful thing he could to get as much attention as he did.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with Tomi Lahren? Do you think she’s too extreme or does she represent the views of many people? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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