3 Reasons why McDonald’s is trying to fool us all

McDonald's is trying to fool us all
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McDonald’s doesn’t do a very good job trying to tell their “story”. They tell us their food is wholesome and high quality.

Do they think that their customers believe this story? It’s almost like McDonald’s is having an identity crisis.

Take a second to think about how you were in middle school. Remember the preppy, skater, or possibly the emo-goth stage you went through? When you weren’t being yourself your best friend would call you out for “posing,” and maybe even picked on you, “stop trying to be something you’re not everyone can see through it.”

McDonald’s is always trying to project a false image through advertising and promoting their company as a company that makes “wholesome, high quality” food with phrases like:

“Our goal is quality food above all else”

Reality: The food looks like it was slapped together and thrown out the drive-through window, or over the counter, because, well, it was. You’re not Culver’s.

“100% pure beef in our hamburgers”

Reality: Ugh, don’t make me pull out all of the research. And 100% beef doesn’t mean it’s high quality beef. Once again, you’re not Culver’s.

“Good ingredients, good food”

Reality: Can anyone consider food made from chemical ingredients good food? Hopefully not. People choose this food because it’s what they can afford, or because it’s the easiest option; they don’t choose it because it’s good.

And many more…

I understand that they’re trying to fix their image….but please just stop. Stop posing! Everyone can see that McDonald’s is trying to be something it’s not!

People know McDonald’s is crap. It’s awful. It’s unhealthy. It’s tasty. Mcdonald’s it’s time to stop with the facade.

“Unhealthy chemical ingredients, tasty food”

While it’s true that McDonald’s is trying to “fix” their image, I believe their efforts are making it worse.

McDonald’s here is how you can escape your angsty teenage years and find your true character – your true self – your true story. Start by advertising your food for what it truly is:

1) A fast fix for when you’re in a hurry.

2) Cheap food for people on a budget.

Next, start being honest.

Start telling real stories.

Tell the story about teenagers going to McDonald’s after school so they can spend $5 on a meal and actually leave with money still left over from their allowance. Tell the story about the mom or dad who is in a rush and needs to feed their children before juggling the dozen after school activities and errands. But best of all, the story of the family who is on a road trip and is eating something special.

McDonald’s stop trying to be something your company is not – it’s time to face reality.

McDonald’s stop trying to be something your company is not – it’s time to face reality. Just tell the truth, it will help your business. People know what McDonald’s is and the messaging makes people more upset. Stop trying to hide McDonald’s true image and lying to make it something it’s not.

Businesses bounce back from back decision’s and public relations daily. In reality, it wouldn’t take very long for McDonald’s to turn this nonsense around. We all are aware of what McDonald’s is – a fast fix for when you’re hungry.

So please, just start telling us the real story McDonald’s.

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